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Beef Tendons

Beef Tendons

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  • 3-4oz dried wt. =  about 8oz fresh wt. (2-3pcs)
  • 6-8oz dried wt. =  about 16oz fresh wt.(4-6pcs)

Beef tendons are the connective tissues that hold joints together making them great chews for dogs of any size. Beef tendon is a good source of collagen and can benefit dogs that suffer from joint issues.

📸: @shiba_zuko_kylo


  • Feed as is or put it in the freezer to last longer
  • Add it to a meal as part of their 80% muscle meat intake
  • Soak in warm water for 2-10 minutes for a softer texture
  • Feed in moderation
  • Always supervise while chewing


Beef is considered to be a "neutral" protein. Neutral proteins are great for any dog or cat and can help with any yin or yang deficiencies.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, food is energy and the primary concept is to have balance. The food theory is divided into cooling proteins (Yin), warming proteins (Yang) and neutral proteins.


  • Store in a cool, dry area for 14 days (unopened) or freeze for up to 6 months.


  • Sourced and made in California
  • USDA certified
  • Grass-fed
  • Hormone and antibiotic-free
  • No preservatives
  • No additives
  • Non-GMO
  • Single-ingredient


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Best dehydrated tendons we've tried

These are perfect for a good chew session. They're also one of the better quality dehydrated tendons in the market. A lot of the other ones I've given my pup have been a little TOO dehydrated - the tendon would then be too hard and would shatter into little swallowable pieces instead of softening as my dog was chewing. All that's to say: these are top-notch chews!

Vivon & Buta (& Zami!)
Excellent long term chew that’s safe for your furbaby’s teeth!

These tendons are MASSIVE & super long lasting chews. Absolutely irresistible to both of our dogs. We have a 14yo English cocker spaniel who has developed a not so fun habit of barking during dinner time; these are the only chews that keep her preoccupied for nearly an hour and aren’t too tough on her teeth, since she is an older dog. IG @adventureshibe

Maricruz Sanchez + Lizzie
Best chews!

Lizzie (@lizzie_maltipoo) loves her beef tendons! I wish I had a before and after pic to show how much plaque build up these chews have removed. I feel completely comfortable having my dog chew on these compared to bones.

Nikolette + Belle
Pro Tip: Best when served frozen

Beef tendons are great as is. Even my mom's picky dog loves them and obsesses! However, if you want them to last just a little longer while your fur baby is chewing: freeze them. The storage recommendation does say to freeze them to provide a longer shelf life, but when I give a frozen tendon to Belle it lasts twice as long which means I'm able to feed it in multiple sessions. That part is important to me as I factor in this as part of her muscle meat for her daily intake.

Hano (Finnley)
Perfect Chew Sesh

These beef tendons are the perfect size for Finnley's chew sesh. He can finish the chew in one sitting so we don't need to store for a second session. They do a great job of cleaning his teefs!