Pretty Good Boy X WilderBites CollabPack

Pretty Good Boy X WilderBites CollabPack

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  • 1.5oz dried wt = about 8oz fresh wt.
  • Beef Liver, Chicken Neck, Duck Breast, Pork Kidney, Wild Anchovy.


    ⚡️Pretty Good Boy X WilderBites CollabPack⚡️

    We are so excited to introduce, this limited, one-time release of our CollabPack with Kristen of Pretty Good Boy ( Here we have, a mix of both our shop dogs' favorite camp treats, Mizu (@mizubathing) + Kuri (!

    In case you haven't heard the news, Pretty Good Boy just opened up shop at Row DTLA! Congrats Kristen and Mizu! We are so ecstatic that they will now be offering a variety of our treats in their shop! We're super pumped that we get to offer our treats to our LA local #wilderpack!

    We are also doing a pop-up event called Dog Days (camp themed) at their grand opening, HAPPENING RIGHT NOW (with the release of this pack)! All of you can't possibly be there at the same time so we're bringing CAMP to you! Don't forget to check out our AdventurePacks (MRE for dogs) that have also been released!

    P.S. All orders made on this restock 9/11 will be shipped out later this week!

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    • Feed as is or rehydrate in warm water
    • Always provide a fresh bowl of water
    • Use as a meal topper or training treats


    • Immediately freeze for maximum freshness.


    • Made from human-grade meat
    • Sourced and made in California
    • USDA certified
    • Pasture-raised
    • Hormone and antibiotic-free
    • No preservatives
    • No additives
    • Non-GMO
    • Single-ingredient