Our Story

WilderBites is a women-owned, small business located in Richmond, Ca that began in March 2020. The sole reason behind WilderBites was simply out of the love and well being of our first dog, Kuri!

Long story short, we had a puppy that wasn't eating conventional dog food no matter what we tried... I resonated with the benefits of raw feeding prior to getting Kuri and always wanted to try it out. After I gained enough confidence, I made his first diy meal and the rest was history! We began making and feeding our own single-ingredient treats, sharing with friends and family along the way!

I truly enjoy learning about canine wellness and how we can improve the quality of their lives through nutrition. Another reason why I started WilderBites was to share our personal raw feeding journey and hopefully encourage pet parents to add some freshness and variety to their pup's diet. We know that even with just a little bit of freshness each day, we can improve our pup's health tremendously!

We appreciate you visiting our shop and wish you and your pups, happiness and health!