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We’re super psyched to have our AnniversaryJars back!

These glass jars are perfect for leaving on your kitchen counter, desk, or dining room table! You never know when your pup is gonna offer some good behavior so you better be ready to pay up! 😜

The feature that we love the most about our jars is our logo! I know it’s such a small detail but we chose to get it ✨engraved✨ versus etched or painted on. The debossed texture just adds a nice touch to the minimal design! 🤌🏽


Please refer to our product listing for full details of our jars! You can also check out our previous posts!

In the past, we have not had more than a handful of breakages but we have always required everyone to order the jar by itself to maximize safety en route! We use biodegradable, starch packing peanuts and they’ve been great so far!

We highly recommend you to order the jar with nothing else in the order. If you do, and it cracks, we will reship you a new jar if we have any left! If we run out, we will refund you!Please be sure to reach out ASAP and send us a photo of the damage. Direct message here on IG is the best/fastest way to reach us!

If you choose to order the jar with other treat items you are running the risk of the jar possibly breaking and we will not be able to replace or refund your order.

We wanted to give you the option this time! Will you risk it for the biscuit or play it safe! 🤣

By making this order, you agree to this message!
Thanks for understanding! 


Each jar will come with 3 mini packs of an assortment of treats:

🎉 Wild Anchovy

🎉 Duck Breast

🎉 Sprinkles by @mittenvarietytreats


Jar Specs:

Glass jar with logo engraving in white. The size is 25 fl oz,  6x4 inches HxW.

The lid is made of acacia wood or bamboo  (no cover will look the same) and has a food-grade silicone sealant ring to prevent air from coming in to keep things fresh!

Although the glass is dishwasher safe, we recommend carefully hand washing and towel drying. The lids should be washed by hand and dried immediately to ensure it doesn’t warp from sitting in water for an extended period of time! We noticed that running it through the dishwasher will remove some of the white paint in the engraving over time.


P.S. The packing peanuts are made out of starch and they dissolve in water! Have fun!


📸: @shibainu_katsu, @gumbo.the.frenchie, @belleandthebeast__, @monkanozzie,  @its.mochi.bichon, @thegermanshedder @blueandh @izziecorgi @shiba_zuko_kylo @itsmaxandzoe


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Love it! Great size to hold lots of treats or chews. And the Acacia color is gorgeous!