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Duck Necks

Duck Necks

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  • 8 oz dried weight (5-7 necks) =  about 16oz fresh wt.

The duck neck falls into the category of raw meaty bones. They are great for cleaning teeth, exercising jaws and mental stimulation. Packed with calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals.


  • Put it in a chew holder
  • Consider it as part of their 10% bone intake
  • Soak in warm water for 2-10 minutes for a softer texture
  • Feed in moderation


  • Store in a cool, dry area for 30 days (unopened) or freeze for up to 6 months.


Duck is considered to be a "cooling" protein. Dogs that run hot are prone to allergies and inflammatory issues. Cooling proteins are beneficial in balancing energy.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, food is energy and the primary concept is to have balance. The food theory is divided into cooling proteins (Yin), warming proteins (Yang) and neutral.


  • Made from human-grade meat
  • Sourced and made in California
  • USDA certified
  • Hormone and antibiotic-free
  • No preservatives
  • No additives
  • Non-GMO
  • Single-ingredient
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lauren & Duncan @dunc.thedane
Good chew for any size

My Great Dane can chomp things up pretty quickly with the size of his mouth but it can even take some time on the duck necks! He loves them.

Good for avid chewers

My mini ACD loves chews! These duck necks are the perfect size for decent mental stimulation time and has not had any issues with digestion, which he has with other brands. I would highly recommend!