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Wild Sardine Chunks

Wild Sardine Chunks

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  • 2oz dried wt. (2-3 sardines chopped into 1inch chunks) = 8oz fresh wt
  • 4oz dried wt. (4-6 sardines chopped into 1inch chunks) = 16oz fresh wt.

We strongly recommend storing this item in the freezer upon arrival due to the high oil content of sardines.

Sardines are high in EPA and DHA with a moderate level of vitamin D, essential for canine health. Essential fatty acids, specifically DHA, have been scientifically proven to be necessary for cognitive development and function.

📸:, @enzo_thesiberianhusky, @corgi.ava, @shiba_zuko_kylo


  • Feed as is for a high reward treat
  • Add it to a meal as a supplement
  • Feed in moderation



Sardines are considered to be a "cooling" protein. Dogs that run hot are prone to allergies and inflammatory issues. Cooling proteins are beneficial in balancing energy.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, food is energy and the primary concept is to have balance. The food theory is divided into cooling proteins (Yin), warming proteins (Yang) and neutral proteins.


  • We strongly recommend storing this item in the freezer upon arrival due to the high oil content of sardines.


  • Made from human-grade meat
  • Sourced and made in California
  • USDA certified
  • Hormone and antibiotic-free
  • No preservatives
  • No additives
  • Non-GMO
  • Single-ingredient
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Juniper + Smokey
So big!

Got to try these in the AAPI variety back, they are huge! Smokey’s had raw sardines and loves them, but this is the first time for dehydrated ones and I think he may love them even more! Love to add them to meals for extra omega-3’s!


Incredible value for reasonable price!

The last batch of sardines I ordered for @twilathelittlefmd was HUGE! They made for a great afternoon snack. Twila comes from a much more humid country so her coat always needs a little extra love. That's why I make sure to have some WilderBites fish treats on hand to give her and it definitely contributes to how shiny and soft her coat is!

Ingrid + Nugget
MASSIVE sardines!

These sardines are HUGE! I was shocked when they arrived. It keeps my corgi's coat nice and shiny & she absolutely loves it. (@nuggietheloaf)

Nikolette + Belle
These are HUGE!

We got a sardine in our AAPI Seafood Sample Pack recently. It was our first time trying the sardines. These things are HUGE! Well for a small dog they're huge. I cut it in half and have fed one of the halves already. Belle loved it, and I can't wait to feed her the other half soon.

We've been ordering the anchovies, but I'm thinking I might switch her to these considering they're a cooling protein source. So happy they were in the sampler pack because I'm not sure I would have ordered them otherwise.

Kathleen (okubotheshindo)
Huge Sardines

I’ve ordered Sardines from other companies before and have never seen them these huge!! They are well dried but we keep them in the freezer just in case. I do have to break these up when feeding or I just one whole one for the week. I love how soft it makes Okubo’s coat.