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Test Kitchen Bites No.17

Test Kitchen Bites No.17

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Test Kitchen Bites No.17

  • Heart Health: Beef Heart + Liver, Purple Sweet Potato, Purple Kale, Blackberries
  • Allergy Rescue: Duck Breast, Broccoli, Turnips, Goji Berries, Nettle Leaf. (120-130 bites)
  • Mobility + Shine Boost: Wild Squid, Rockfish, Sardines: Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, Blueberry (120-130 bites)

All ingredients are made with organic produce, pasture raised, grass fed/finished, non-GMO, no antibiotics ever, as usual! No limit, first come, first serve.

We have been experimenting with meat, vegetables and now fruits, to help us get our pup to eat his veggies! He is super picky and we've had the hardest time getting him to eat his veggies. Until now...

Let us know what your pup thinks about them! There is only a limited amount, once sold out, this exact batch will never be back! 

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